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Catch a Shooting Star US $3.99  Kindle Edition or  buy it at Amazon UK or Nook
by Brianna Lee McKenzie
Fiction/Historical Romance/Western/Action & Adventure

Tortured, beaten and then left to die in the barren Mexican desert, Savannah Star overcame her misery and walked northward to a small border town in Texas where she stayed, building the courage to return to retrieve her son and to punish her husband Diego for his brutal treatment of her. Haunted for almost two years by Diego’s ominous laughter, the last sound that she’d heard as he’d ridden away with her baby in his arms, Savannah was not brave enough to make that journey until a stranger came into town vowing revenge against her husband. She asked the former Texas Ranger to take her along, to allow her to kill her husband and to reclaim her son. At first, Travis was reluctant to have a woman along on such a dangerous mission until he saw that she could shoot a pistol almost as precisely as he could. When he relented, they began their journey southward, toward their shared destiny.

This, my discerning disciples of human passion, is not a typical Historical Romance. Savannah Star is no damsel in distress who relies on a man to defend her honor. She is a woman bent upon making her husband pay for taking her son and for leaving her to die in the desert, even if it means making herself a widow. Travis Corbett is no rogue lover whose only mission is to conquer every female that he encounters. His obsession is achieving vengeance against the man who’d murdered the only woman that he’d ever loved, a man who happens to be Savannah’s husband. Together, they undertake the task of attaining retribution against a man whose mission was to conquer all. And, together, they discover love through their combined destiny, only to find themselves persistently pushing each other away.

Wake Me When I'm Dead US $3.99  Kindle Edition or buy it on Amazon UK or Nook
by Brianna Lee McKenzie
Fiction/Contemporary Romance/Action & Adventure

Believing that the only joy in her life was watching the sun set, Amber Tamblin wanted desperately to escape her mundane and constricting life.  With the prospect of creating her own destiny, she dreamed of the day when she would be free of her parents’ tyranny, free to make her own rules.

Then, she found a new bliss in Jeff Connelly.  With his Caribbean blue eyes, silky blond curls and a smile to die for, Jeff captured her heart in an instant.  She would have done anything for him, would have given her life for him.  In fact, she did.  And at that final moment, she decided that life was worth living after all.  But it was too late to change her mind.      

Amber tells her story in her own cynical and sometimes verbose way, speaking to the reader as if she is conversing with her best friend.  She has to.  Her best friend died when she was a senior in High School.  This traumatic event catapulted Amber into the fast-paced, roller-coaster ride, which caused her to make decisions that would eventually end the life that she had once detested but, with Jeff’s love, had finally learned to adore.   For Amber, the Ripple Effect of consequences began as minor waves of distracting disasters but soon mounted into a tsunami of repercussions that would change her life forever. 

This often humorous first-person narrative is intended for young adults who enjoy the thrill of living life on the edge.  But parents of perplexing teens would also appreciate discovering what motivates them.  Join Amber on her journey from pessimistic teen to retrospective adult who realizes, at the last possible moment, that living and merely existing are not one and the same.

 Enchanted Heart $3.99
Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon Germany and Nook
Historical Romance/Fiction/Western
by Brianna Lee McKenzie

After emigrating from Germany at the age of seven, Marty Hirsch watched her father die on the arduous journey from the coast of Texas to the new settlement in New Braunfels.  While Papa took his final breath, Marty assured him that she would fulfill the dream of owning the land that had been promised to him by the German Immigrant Society.  And while she watched her twin sister Greta and Mama trudging the many miles to their new home, Marty vowed right then and there to bring them happiness, no matter the cost to her own contentment.

As time passed, she struggled to fulfill that self-assigned task, but more tragedy assailed her in the form of miscarriages with her husband before he was killed in the Civil War.  When their cousin convinced her and Greta to move westward to the new German settlement at Fort Concho on the San Saba River, Marty was ready for a change in her life.  That change came when she encountered Aiden Kincaid McAllister, the handsome stranger who guided their wagon train to their new home.  She found herself falling hopelessly in love with the dark-haired, blue-eyed stranger.

But will that love last or will more tragedies cause Marty to give up on love altogether?

Secret Life of a Soccer Mom .99 cents Amazon
Contemporary Romance
by Brianna Lee McKenzie

Suzanne Larson never believed in love at first sight.  And since her husband left her for another woman, she had trouble believing in love at all.  She searched for that illusive sensation while her son was at school.  Find out her secret and believe!

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L'Inked $4.99 Amazon (adults only)
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
by Brianna Lee McKenzie

   The bond between a man and a woman can be more than an emotion, more than a feeling.  When they are destined to be together beyond the carnal existence, a couple is linked by more than love.
   For Cassandra and Marc, there was no end to the love in their hearts.  On their wedding day, they vowed to cherish each moment that they were together.  And when they sealed their vows with tattoo rings, they sealed their fate forever.  Voodoo Queen Madame Cloutier cursed their tattoo rings, literally binding them together for eternity.  To be apart meant certain death.  But death would become their only option. Will their Mardi Gras honeymoon become a voodoo nightmare?               

Grace of God .99 cents on Amazon
Spiritual Healing, Family Relationships, Miracles
by Brianna Lee McKenzie

Grace has a special gift. She won’t understand her power and yet, deep in her tiny heart, she knows that she is connected with a higher being, an entity that controls her life and those around her. How will Grace confront, or accept, her divine ability? How will she, at that young age, realize that she has the power to change lives, to transform the world?

Golden Dreams, Part One of the Dream Series
Amazon $3.99
She is so beautiful that men are willing to die for her. But only one man can tame Claire’s wild heart. And that man is Reese, a U.S. Marshal, who swore he would never allow a woman’s love into his.

Claire is desperate to find her late husband’s deed to a prosperous gold mine near Lead, South Dakota. Reese helps her to search the rugged Badlands for the men who killed her husband and stole the deed. Along the way, their love blossoms, their intimate interludes incite more of the same while their stubborn pride drives a bitter wedge between them.

In Part One of the Dream Series, Claire and Reese experience life, love, and loss on their journey to make their Golden Dreams come true. But, will love be enough to bind them for eternity?

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