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Brian’s Song

Brianna Lee McKenzie

Yesterday, you cruised into my world
With all your blissful banners unfurled,
Your spirit soaring high on a squall
Somehow, knowing, someday, you’d fall.

Every day was a bright new day for you.
A present, that for some reason, you knew
Was one more day that you could embrace
At this persistently impetuous pace.

Yes, you lived your life like a song.
How did you know that tomorrow was gone?
Enjoying each day like it was your last:
Never the future. Never the past.

And, then suddenly, it finally occurred;
For, your final song, you suddenly heard.
Your vessel on Earth was no longer wanted,
But, your enduring essence remained undaunted.

Even now, your course is high on a cloud,
With your melodic laughter echoing loud.
Like a beacon, you shine somewhere above me;
A ceaseless sign that you’ll always love me.

Now, time is an unending blessing for you.
But, for me, it’s a reminder of days too few.
And, although my memories may turn to gray
I promise I’ll never let you ebb away…

With all my Love, Mom

Summer Skies
By Brianna Lee McKenzie
© 2008
When gray clouds form and north winds rush,
I yearn to flee to where sunsets blush;
To escape to a place where sea gulls call,
To feel the spray as the breakers fall.
The sea, the salt, and the air, so clean;
With pure, soft voices, they summon me
To a peaceful bliss that, beyond strife, lies
In the serenity of summer skies!

Ripple Effect
(c) copyright 2010
by Brianna Lee McKenzie 
 (an excerpt from "Ripple Effect" the novel)

A tiny droplet, insignificantly small
Invades the armor of one’s sheltered soul
Delving deeper into its boring hole,
Ripping the heart with a bleeding tear
Pouring out all which was hidden there
Safe and sound, or so one believed

Then comes the first wave, the apex of fate
Vilely, it drives its gauntlet of hate
Viciously piercing one’s shielded core
‘Til the melting armor subsides and weeps
Shrouds of silver optimism sweep
Across the pond of tears one grieved

Its mirror image, a reflective wave
Rises to take its waning place
To repeat the invasion once again
To assail the soul with a another pain
Echoing like a terrifying gale
Howling fiercely, with no reprieve

One more wave and then another
Coming in the wake of all the others
Rolling, undulating, a forceful surge
‘til all safe treasures are finally purged
Languid liquid ripples repeat
Gilded arrows into a heart deceived

The effect is visible for all to see
The failure of hope in one’s shattered heart
Punctured by fate’s defining dart
The minuscule droplet, skillfully aimed
The tranquil lake forever maimed
By the ripples of grief, never relieved

Ripple Effect (the novel) This poem was written while "channeling" my main character, Amber Tamblin, who is such a cynic that she hated life until that very moment when she died.   

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