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A Highly Technickel Memoir .99 cents Kindle Edition for Nook
by Shoshana Sumrall Frerking
Contemporary Fiction/Technothrillers/Mysteries & Thrillers

A factory job: Good benefits, fair pay, job security—it all sounds pretty decent to Corey Russell, who only wants to escape the tribulations of waitressing while pursuing her true passion—an obscure branch of meteorology. A storm chaser at heart, Corey begins her new job as an assembler, settling into a life of soldering circuit boards, torquing screws, and testing software. All is not as it would appear, however, in this mid-sized, Midwestern manufacturing plant. As she is about to find out, a battle of alchemy and sorcery, of profits and morals, of small business and corporate might, await.

Burn Out .99 cents Kindle Edition or buy it on B&N for Nook
Fiction/Action & Adventure/Mysteries & Thrillers/Suspense

Lt. Samantha (Sam) Collins, a firefighter, vanishes after a warehouse fire the week before she was to testify at her estranged husband’s trial for drug charges. The only clue to her disappearance is a firefighter helmet that was left behind at the scene.

Rachel Scott founded Florida Omni Search after her own daughter disappeared when she was four. She has worked with law enforcement agencies all over the United States in locating missing people. Sam’s mother calls Rachel for assistance in locating her daughter. However, the search for Sam takes her on a journey that she never expected.

As she digs deeper into Sam’s past, she finds out more about the marijuana operation her husband Ken, a former police officer, was involved with.
In her desperate, terrifying search for Sam, Rachel also discovers clues about her own missing daughter, Mallory.

Will she locate Samantha in time and also find out what happened to her own daughter?

The Door to Canellin (Gatehouse) .99 cents Kindle Edition or buy it on B&N for Nook or Paperback
by E.H. Jones

Wes is a teenager, with teenage troubles, who feels as if his world is crashing down around him. But when he discovers the house in the woods that wasn't there before, he finds himself thrust into Canellin, a world of dragons, monsters, magic, and mayhem. What's more, he discovers that his own unique talents may be the key to Canellin's salvation, and his own. Unfortunately, his only way home is halfway around the known world, in the lands controlled by an evil dragon bent on the eradication of all human life! 

Hurry!  Only on sale until Mother's Day so buy it now! 

 Buy it on Amazon, .99 cents or Amazon UK or Nook
by Julie Christensen

Lifelong introvert Quinn Malone was sick of spending her evenings at home, doing crossword puzzles and watching Jersey Shore. Successful, smart, and funny, 38-year old Quinn embarks on a quest to find a man, using blind dates, speed, and internet dating to get things moving.
Quinn overcomes her shyness to suffer through dates that are so bad, they’re funny (see the chapter on hunchbacks). With the help of good friends, she successfully transitions through the seven stages of dating: excitement (I’ve still got it!); infatuation (he makes me feel beautiful); disappointment (he looks nothing like his online photo); anger (why is he online if he’s married?); fatigue (I can’t bear the thought of another date); depression (I’m going to grow old and die alone); and acceptance (dating: it is what it is). Through the triumphs and heartbreaks of dating, and of life in general, Quinn uncovers the resilient, dynamic person she’s always been. The question is, has Mr. Right been waiting in the wings all along?

The Truth About Dating is approximately 122,000 words.

 25 Delicious Meals in Under 30 Minutes .99 cents Kindle         
 by Megan Sara Jones
Cooking/Food & Wine

Non Fiction by Megan Sara Jones. A little book of 25 delicious recipes that are easily prepared in 30 minutes or less. Great meals in no time at all, using ingredients that are readily available.Good ideas for busy people.

The Color of Heaven .99 cents Kindle Edition or Nook or Smashwords
by Julianne MacLean and  E.V. Mitchell
General Fiction

Sophie Duncan is a successful columnist whose world falls apart after her daughter’s unexpected illness and her husband’s shocking affair.  When it seems nothing else could possibly go wrong, her car skids off an icy road and plunges into a frozen lake.  There, in the cold dark depths of the water, Sophie experiences something profound and extraordinary, which unlocks the secrets from her past, and teaches her what it means to truly live.
"Brilliantly poignant mainstream tale."
4-1/2 starred review from Romantic Times Book Reviews
E.V. Mitchell is the pseudonym for an award-winning USA Today bestselling author of 15 historical romance novels.  This is E.V. Mitchell’s first independently-published mainstream contemporary fiction novel.  For more information about the book and the author, visit

Russian Roulette .99 Cents Kindle Edition or buy it on Smashwords
by Mike Faricy
Fiction/Humor/Mysteries & Thrillers/Suspense
At no surprise, dysfuntional PI Devlin Haskell falls in bed with his latest client. She's gone by the time he wakes and hasn't the foggiest notion that, from now on, he'll be dealing with the Russian mob. Along the way he finds himself at odds with a Russian butcher, local police and an FBI task force investigating human trafficking. In the process of getting answers Dev washes up on the far side of the law. He's shot, beaten, car bombed and used as a human shield, all in the name of justice, at least as he comes to see it. An entertaining tale of rank ineptitude and one night stands.  Russian Roulette is another fast paced tale from the master of the bizarre, Mike Faricy.

Bootscootin' Blahniks (The Bootscootin' Books) .99 cents Kindle
by D. D. Scott Romantic Comedy Author and a Writer's Go-To-Gal for Muse Therapy
Plus the Amazon #1 Bestselling Author

Literary Fiction/Contemporary Romance/Humor

Manhattan apparel designer Roxy Rae Vaughn, who's also a still-in-the-closet, country line dancing queen, wants to be a fashion success story. Tired of being nothing more than a Fifth Avenue up-and-comer, thanks to her elitist parents, Roxy moves to Nashville, Tennessee and opens a boutique in a local tractor supply store, the only retail space she can afford. Short on cash and way, way down on luck, she rear-ends a pick-up truck belonging to a tomato-growin', bootscootin' cowboy who is anything but the perfect fit for her career plans, although he is her ideal dance partner. Can Roxy accept that her best fit is on the dance floor moving to her own style and her cowboy's lead?

Tomato farmer by day and bootscootin' instructor by night Zayne McDonald doesn't give a damn about winning Nashville's heirloom tomato contest, even though his late father did. Zayne wants to honor his father, but what he really wants is to line dance his way to a winner's spotlight. When he and Roxy are discovered by a huge dance show producer, Zayne learns it's partnering with Roxy that's his winning hybrid mix. That is, if he can keep her and the tomato contest away from Beefsteak Jack Baudlin, the toughest tomato man in CMT country. A Sample here
D. D. Scott's website

Rita Morse and the Sinister Shadow .99 cents Kindle Edition
on Amazon UK  Barnes & Noble  Smashwords
by Holly Hook
Young Adult Fantasy

Fourteen year-old Rita Morse is the kind of girl that the teen-hating Shadow Regime doesn’t like. She won't put up with crap that isn’t fair. Ever. After she toilet-papers a video game store in retaliation for a ban on teens, the Regime, an army of immortals secretly trying to oppress teens all over the world, adds her to their list of threats. That’s not good, because the Regime’s enemies always disappear.

Farr Point .99 cents Kindle Edition
by Sam Havens
Contemporary Fiction/Coming of Age

The smell of oil is in the air, and so is murder, when eighteen-year-old Eddie Tipton arrives in a small Texas town with his widowed mother in 1950. Eddie and his teacher mother take rooms in the home of Texas oil widow, Faye Ruth Collier, leading to a surprising relationship between Eddie and Faye Ruth. Eddie spends time with handyman, Ned Cotton and soon learns that Mrs. Collier's late husband was murdered a few years earlier. Ned Cotton warns Eddie to stay away from Faye Ruth and to ignore the murder of Lawrence Collier. Eddie, of course, cannot resist.

Making his way in a new school, dodging the stigma of being the schoolteacher's son, succumbing to the lure of his middle-aged landlady, Eddie is embroiled in dangerous adventures on all fronts. And then, Eddie suffers a devastating loss that spurs him to ratchet up his quest for answers and leads to a near-fatal showdown.

The Trophy Hunter .99 cents Kindle Edition   Smashwords
by J. M. Zambrano
Fiction/Thriller & Suspense

When attorney Diana Martin takes on a new client as a favor to her best friend, PI Jessica Edwards, she has no clue that she and Jess will soon become targets for a psychopathic hunter set on collecting beautiful women of diverse ethnicities. And he's obsessed with keeping them perfectly beautiful FOREVER.

The Trophy Hunter is approximately 75,000 words long.

Pool of Lies .99 cents Kindle Edition  Smashwords
by J. M. Zambrano
Fiction/Thriller & Suspense

When heiress Deidre Lassiter dies of a drug overdose in her hot tub, ripples from the pool of lies that shaped her life spread to the lives of those she leaves behind.

Rae Esposito, widowed forensic accountant, sets out to help Deidre's husband settle his wife's estate and discovers that Deidre was murdered. Bent on getting justice for Deidre, Rae enlists the help of her dead husband's partner, Detective Veronica Sanchez, but a dirty cop and a drug dealing snitch muddy the waters.

On the periphery, a man and a woman conduct a private quest for justice. Deidre was their lovechild. And in spite of the intervening years, their secret love still lives.

As Rae unravels the lies that bind those connected with Deidre's case, she faces truths that set asunder everything she thought she knew about her marriage and her husband's death. When the final deception surfaces, it could cost Rae her life.

Pool of Lies is approximately 75,000 words

Apolo Drakuvich .99 cents Kindle Edition
by G.W. Jefferies 
Fiction/Mysteries & Thrillers/Psychological Thrillers

“You do know why you're here, right? Sir, you're here
because you’re a deviant to society” the pig spoke.

Apolo Drakuvich is a story full of weird and tragic events. Parasitic journalism runs wild and the media is not out to set things straight. A Judge steals millions from citizens and a former sheriff has no problem feeding fellow drug lords to the pigs when the deal goes bad. Personal gain is the name of the game.

Tag along on a trip into madness with Apolo Drakuvich. Flashbacks of horrendous times still haunt Apolo, a small time criminal trying to make it in life. Puzzled by the world around him, Drakuvich goes on a journey to seek peace of mind but not everything goes to plan. How far will Apolo go to get justice in a corrupt system?

Find your composure, don’t lose your mind.

Spotted Flower and the Ponokomita .99 cents Kindle Edition
by Kae Cheatham
"Print book has been popular for 25+ years. Just went Kindle this year."
Children's Books/Historical Fiction/Girls & Women

This middle-school chapter book takes place in the early 18th century, the time when American Indians of the Northern Plains got their first look at a horse (ponokomita). Accurate research tells about a lifestyle that existed thousands of years before the horse arrived to the area, and enhances the lively adventure of a young girl who comes across a horse and takes it back to her people.

Searching for Meredith Love .99 cents Kindle Edition
by Julie Christensen
Contemporary Fiction/Literary Fiction

Meredith Love thought her life was just fine. Fresh out of graduate school, she had a shiny new job in the medical office where she used to be a secretary. Sure, she didn’t really like all her co-workers, and yes, her bosses still asked her to drop everything to send a fax. And, okay, she had an irritatingly successful best friend who was always telling Meredith that her life sucked. But Meredith was content with her quiet life in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Then Ben Abel, second-year medical resident, appears on the scene, and Meredith realizes that what happiness could be. Suddenly, her life looks as bad as her best friend always said and it's getting worse by the minute. Now Meredith, who's never been much of a superhero type, is going to have to learn how to fight for the life she wants instead of the life she's got. And even if she succeeds, a secret from her past could ruin everything.

Wings of Evil .99 cents Kindle Edition
J R Tomlin , C R Daems
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Teens/Adventures & Thrillers

All her life, Liada believed the First Ones were dangerous and to be feared. That was what the Priests had taught her. They lied.

Liada learns the truth after befriending Tali, a injured and helpless creature who is also a First One. Unfortunately, the Priests will stop at nothing to keep their secrets, including eliminating Liada. Her only chance is to flee into an neighboring empire while hunted by the Priests’ winged Quag—killers of the First Ones.

Help comes in the form of a mysterious ally.But can she trust him or could he be more dangerous than all of her enemies combined?

                Dating My Vibrator on Amazon .99 Cents  or on  Nook
DATING MY VIBRATOR (and other true fiction) a collection of 9 short stories all based (unfortunately) on my own experience: dating, divorce, desperation—all that good stuff. Joe Konrath says, “Pure Comedic Brilliance.”

Godonism .99 cents Kindle Edition
Godonism $10.81 Paperback
by Theo Von Cezar
Religion & Spirituality/Science Fiction & Fantasy

The dystopian novel 'Godonism' is set in the year 159, Nebula Era - a future of dark and most volatile times - a time when people have to pawn their minds and other 'assets' in order to survive; and, at the peak of decadence, the falling of the ever lasting gold unexpectedly comes.
The two eighteen-year-old, Ahma and Jovian, have no other choice but to start selling tickets for Hereafter.
The novel 'Godonism' enters territory which has never been explored before. It is the book that brought atheism in fiction.

FM For Murder (Pamela Barnes Acoustic Mystery) .99 cents Kindle
FM For Murder $11.21 Paperback
by Patricia Rockwell
The second in the Pamela Barnes acoustic mystery series
Fiction/Mysteries & Thrillers/Women Sleuths

Who shot the disk jockey while he was on air? No one saw the killer, but many heard the murder on the radio. Local police are mystified and ask Psychology professor and acoustics expert Pamela Barnes to assist them in investigating the crime. Can she determine who shot the deejay just by listening to the radio station’s audio recording of the killing? And how does this crime connect to the impending death of a wealthy carpet manufacturer hundreds of miles away? And the driven behavior of his conscientious son who hides a very important secret? Unknown to Pamela, another thread of this strange mystery is about to unravel. Will she be able to solve it before another victim is claimed? In FM FOR MURDER, the second in Patricia Rockwell's acoustic mystery series, we follow feisty amateur sleuth Pamela Barnes who doesn’t let academic duties prevent her from fighting crime. And Pamela fights crime with the tools she knows best—sound waves.

THE DEMON IS IN THE DETAILS (The Immortal Protector Series)
.99 cents Kindle Edition
by Harris Channing
Fiction/Romantic Suspense/Romance

Stella Campbell has come back to Silverton, Georgia to bury her wicked witch of an aunt. But is she strong enough to endure what's to come?
Zane Weathers has been around a long time, like, two thousand years. But he's never met anyone who touches his warrior soul, like Stella.

Together they must face not only personal obstacles, but obstacles straight from hell!

Live Again .99 cents Kindle Edition
by L. R. Giles
Fiction/Horror/Dark Fantasy
Download novels by L. R. Giles to your Kindle or Nook

An interview with L.R. Giles is on the Chair to Chair page
After a failed suicide attempt, widower Keith Lansing is finally getting his life back on track thanks to Live Again, a support group of men who have suffered losses similar to his own. But when the tragedy of the group’s newest member flattens them all, Keith finds himself back on a downward spiral.

Until he meets Simas.

This stranger offers Keith the opportunity of a lifetime--a way to call misdeal on the hand fate so cruelly dealt him--in the form of a simple question.

What if he could bring his wife back with no strings attached?

Keith jumps at the deal. Who wouldn't? But, while bringing back his wife held no repercussions, keeping her here may be another story all together. Because she didn’t return alone…

3/17 .99 cents Kindle Edition
by MaryPat Hyland

This loose parody of Dante’s Inferno, four Irish traditional musicians get lost in the backwoods of upstate New York the week before St. Patrick’s Day. On the journey, the band descends through nine hellish circles of American-style 3/17 revelry: Step-dancing princesses. Bobbing shamrock headbangers. Green beer bacchanals. Shillelagh-wavin’ geezers.
O’Fun … not!

Shifting Fate (The Chronicles of Fate) .99 cents Kindle Edition
by Alexis Leno
Fiction/Science Fiction & Fantasy/Epic

Times in the mystic realm of Lizon are changing. The Great War remains a distant past for many, but for others, the bleak past is all too clear. When the royal family of Alii is targeted, the kingdom's only Princess begins a quest to set things right. In a world completely controlled by fate, Brynn of Alii must fight against the Shifters, bent on altering the predestined future, to save the world she knows and secure destiny.

Soul Quest (The Soul Quest Trilogy) .99 cents Kindle Edition
by Amy Jones
Fiction/Fantasy/YA/Science Fiction

Do you remember how horrified you were about the idea of attending high school? I remember ticking off those last miserable days of my summer vacation following my eighth grade year. Maybe you don’t, maybe you were one of 'those people.' You know who I’m talking about, people like Melissa Small, the distinguished District Attorney, Larry Small’s daughter, popular, gorgeous... and absolutely terrifying to someone like me, Liv Glyn. No, I am far from measuring up to the standards required to make Melissa’s crowd. I’m not even close. I’m just a simple man’s daughter, mostly tolerated by my peers with average looks. If this isn’t depressing enough for you, stay tuned, it gets worse. I was commanded with Spirit at birth by the Great Spirit, Hala. I know, it sounds crazy but it’s true. If you think it's difficult being a teenager, try being a teenager who was born destined to save the world from soul sucking Daevas and their mutant progeny Aengels. There are four of us. My companions of Spirit are Laith, Brayan and Meena. Melissa Small is Laith’s step sister and she is always meddling where she doesn’t belong, further complicating our lives. To make matters even worse, my best friend Jedd is apparently aware of things that are typically undetectable to ordinary humans. So, I have to lie to Jedd, the boy who has been my constant standby since the third grade, to shield him from the horrible and very dangerous truth. Did I mention that I think I’m falling in love with him? The term awkward doesn’t even begin to cover it, trust me. Welcome to the mess that is my life.

Impeding Justice (A Lorne Simpkins thriller) .99 cents Kindle Edition
Impeding Justice $14.84 paperback
 by  Mel Comley
Fiction/Myteries & Thrillers/Police Procedurals

Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins comes up against her long-time nemesis, The Unicorn. After leading Simpkins and her partner into a trap, in which Pete is killed, Lorne comes to the conclusion the criminal is obtaining insider information, enabling him to stay one step ahead of them. With the informant out of the way, The Unicorn needs to find another way to keep Lorne on her toes, so he kidnaps the D I’s teenage daughter. But, Lorne’s troubles don’t end there. She is forced off the case by a Superintendent with a ten-year vendetta against her father. Fortunately, the Chief Inspector insists Lorne’s vast expertise is needed to solve the case. The investigation takes a surprising turn when one of the region’s most precious landmarks is held to ransom by The Unicorn, but this merely turns out to be yet another one of his frivolous decoys, as his true audacious plan unfolds… A fast-paced thriller of 83,000 words.

Final Justice (A Lorne Simpkins thriller) .99 cents Kindle Edition
by  Mel Comley 
Fiction/Myteries & Thrillers/Police Procedurals

This is the sequel to Impeding Justice but is also a standalone thriller/adventure.

After suffering a breakdown and quitting the force, former Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins is contacted by a friend at MI6 to help in a covert operation. Against her will, Lorne is convinced to help track down an old enemy, a sadistic and calculating criminal whose ambition is to become the world's richest man.

It’s up to Lorne and the agent to prevent him, which results in a chase through France.

Blood Line .99 cents Kindle Edtion
by Kate Hamilton

When Lauren MacBreach's angel turns up and offers to save her from a fate worse than death she turns him down. It does not take her very long to regret her decision as she is catapulted across the Atlantic to an unknown destination filled with crazy people who attempt to do away with her.
She meets Euphemia - 'Mia' - a distant cousin who has more than a little interest in the Laird; Ginger, who is a little too trigger happy for comfort; Erroll, who has a strange take on eightsome reels.
Historical enactments of the Boston tea party and a Haggis Hunt add to the fun.
But why does the vicar have a sacrificial altar in his bedroom? What was the Laird of Tomindoul doing on his visit to the King of Spain? And just who is The Tawny Man?
Fortunately her angel is there to save her. After all she is his first case. But even he isn't fallible. In doubt as to whether the stunningly tall, dark and handsome Laird of Tomindoul is to be her husband or her killer, Lauren trusts her angel will save her from that fate worse than death. But she does not know when or how.
A hilarious romp in the Scottish Highlands, Blood Line is a Gothic comedy romance with a sweet ending.

The Trouble With Thieves .99 cents Kindle US
Barnes & NobleSmashwords, Amazon and Amazon UK
by  Maurice X. Alvarez & Ande Li
Read an interview on the Chair to Chair page

Kormèr Lezàl is a young man living a double life on his planet Elmar. Privileged by birth, he seeks to correct the injustices of his feudal world by becoming a specialist in "wealth redistribution."   One day he finds a most wondrous, miraculous device, which can open a portal to any place and any time in the universe he can imagine, and far beyond.  During a moment of romantic indiscretion, Kormèr is forced to flee through the device.  Thus begins a journey unlike any he's had before.

Jeransy is a thorny English rose seeking escape from her dystopian, oppressive world, and when she finds her means, she intends to never go back.  

Anndrew is a bored teenager seeking excitement in modern-day America , which she finds in the form of an alien who promises her the trip of a lifetime.

Cecil is brilliant, driven and alone. Picked on by bullies and misunderstood by his family, he is willing to risk everything to prove himself. When fate deals him the opportunity to seize power beyond his wildest dreams, he decides that nothing will keep him from his chance at greatness. When he learns that Kormèr Lezàl is on his trail and intends to take him back to Earth... well, he's not going without a fight.

To Conquer the Heart of a King .99 cents Kindle Edition
by J. S. Laurenz a member of  Romance Divas, RWA
Fiction/Historical Romance

I’m scheduled to appear on New Hampshire Public Radio’s Word of Mouth show to talk about my experiences going digital. I have a tentative date of March 16th: "

A woman who knows the future but not her own past. The son of a king who must fight for his crown. They will come together to get what they each desire. Their pact will turn to passion…but will they realize it before intrigue tears them apart?

Before Lukas of Falkenberg returns to the Black Forest to take the throne from his dying father, he pays a visit to the nameless and sightless Seer at the Cloister of Mariendorf. He takes her captive to use her intuition to establish his reign. She willingly trades the punishing confines of the cloister for a palace prison in the hope of gaining her ultimate freedom. Although blind, she can see what the future king cannot—the needs of his subjects. She will win them over, but can she conquer the heart of a king before his half-brother Magnus separates them in a plot even she cannot foresee?

Stalker .99 cents Kindle Edition
by Dave Dykema

Dan Freeman loves horror movies. After seeing the movie "Stalker," he gets very enthusiastic about it, emulating the title character and following innocent people around for fun and thrills. He wants to see how close he can get without getting caught. Ten yards? Ten feet? Close enough to smell perfume? Close enough to touch?

Dan suspects his girlfriend of cheating on him. One night, while following her using his newfound skills, Dan finds out an awful truth.

Now the stalker becomes the stalked.

Wrong Number  .99 cents Kindle Edition
by Dave Dykema

It was the right person, but the wrong number to call.

Brad Mullen finds a phone number scrawled on a cocktail napkin outside a “meat market” bar. On a whim he dials the number, connecting him in ways he could never have imagined with a woman named Julie.

Things move fast, culminating in sex at a local park. Trying to slow down the breakneck pace, Brad eases off a bit, but Julie doesn’t like that at all. She burrows into all factions of Brad’s life, invading his work and telling him to stay away from other women and even his best friend.

Julie’s suffocating Brad. But that’s nothing compared to when the handcuffs, knife, and tire iron come out. She wants to possess him in every way—even if he’s dead.

    Dancing With Spirits  .99 cents (Kindle Edition)
    by Carol Arnall

 A love story that spans the centuries. The story begins prehistory at a settlement in Rugeley, Cannock Chase. A young girl, Elvaennia, goes in search of her missing lover. By a freak accident she finds herself in the 21st Century, and quickly discovers her 'lost love' has also time travelled to this century. Determined to find him, she sets out on a journey that leads her to discover that her family back at the settlement face great danger, and she determines to help them. This in turn leads her into the celebrity limelight. She realises that tough decisions will have to be made. Will the temptations of the 21st Century prove too much for Elvaennia and Deimuiss, or will the old ways and values lead them back to the settlement?  Her exciting sequel can also be found on at Spirits of the Lights .  Both are also available at

Spirits of the Lights .99 cents Kindle Edition
 by Carol Arnall

Elvaennia discovers that the path to finding love is not easy when a misunderstanding between her and her lover Deimuiss leads him to travel to the 21st century, leaving Elvaennia behind in prehistory with Mark, a time traveller actually from the 21st century. Knowing her family and the other settlers are in danger of being killed by their enemies, Elvaennia persuades them to return with her to the 21st century, Mark also returns with her, hoping to win her love.
Will Elvaennia find Deimuiss and free him from her rival Caroline’s clutches? Or will she settle down with Steve her television producer, or Julius, the Roman soldier?

Mysterious Happenings .99 cents Kindle Edition
by Carol Arnall

Mysterious Happenings is packed full of ghost and other paranormal stories. True stories told to me by people who had nothing to gain in the telling of their experiences

Also by Carol Arnall:
Choosing Your Psychic Pathway .99 cents Kindle Edition

Birmingham Girls .99 cents Kindle Edition

by Carol Arnall

This book tells the story of our early lives in Balsall Heath, Birmingham, where we lived in a back-to-back house with our mother. Our father deserted Mom before I was born. She had a desperate struggle bringing us up during and after the war until she remarried.

Johnny Oops   .99 cents Kindle Edition

by Arthur Levine

Johnny doesn't know if he's a prophet, a charlatan or a sex maniac. He doesn't even know if he's real. but he's convinced he has the word of God to deliver. Johnny Oops, the rocket fuel of captivating fiction.

A Galaxy At War .99cents Kindle Edition
by John Fitch V

Captain Ryann Germayne, son of the legendary Jaxson "Hot Shot" Germayne, has been living up to his late father's reputation. He is the best pilot the Galaxy of Free Systems "GFS" has. His equally talented first mate gunner, Joslyne, happens to also be his wife. They feel secure in the knowledge that should the end come during battle, they would perish together.

Some believe that the GFS has grown too large, too bureaucratic for the regular person across the galaxy. This small group of rebels is slowly, but steadily, growing in numbers. Brit Hyram, the overall head of the Rebellion, is the public face of the secessionist movement. Though idealistic, neither he, nor any other within the Rebellion, has any real understanding of military tactics. The simulators used to train new recruits are woefully outdated. Therefore, the GFS pilots have little trouble winning the skirmishes on land or in space. But then the Rebellion suddenly has a blast cannon on their side.

President Greensteen and Admiral Zephyr send Ryann to lead a strike team on a ground assault to destroy the cannon. Ryann has extra orders to secretly assassinate a certain individual while there. Having to kill someone face-to-face and in cold blood does not sit well with Ryann. So when he is later asked to assassinate another, Ryann and Joslyne defect.

The Rebel Secessionist Movement is thrilled to have the best GFS pilot and gunner team join their cause. The new duo will have to earn the trust of Hyram and the other leaders, but they are put to work immediately. Joslyne's expertise is used to update simulators for target practice and the like. Ryann begins teaching military maneuvers to the pilots and updating the equipment on all the ships.

Joslyne still has doubts about what they are doing. As Ryann rises in rank and power at lightning speed, he begins to change. Even personally executing former friends and comrades no longer seems to bother Ryann. Joslyne soon wonders to what lengths her husband would go, how low he would sink, and how cold blooded he would become for his new beliefs. And can she continue to stand beside the man he is morphing into?
Also by John Fitch V:
Sidetracked: A Short Story .99 cents Kindle Edition

Amber Twilight: A Short Story .99 cents Kindle Edition
The Mastermind: A novella .99 cents Kindle Edition

Love Means Nothin'  .99 cents

by Markee Anderson

Melody Gray visits New York City for her best friend’s wedding, meeting tennis pro John Spencer at the train station, stopping him from running away. She wishes she could stay with him instead of returning to her abusive father in West Virginia. But her father needs her to take care of him and John's mother hates Melody. She has to leave the man she loves, to go back to her lonely life.

Priced low for people to afford, it's approximately 265 pages in length. Written in third person--romance.

Touchdowns And Potions .99 cents
by Markee Anderson

Real estate agent Jenna Steele has to sell pro quarterback Andy McKnight’s huge home. She hates professional athletes. When he convinces her he does have a heart, she falls in love with the man. There’s only one problem—Jenna’s been splashed with a love potion and now men are falling at her feet. Once the potion wears off, Andy will be gone and she’ll be forced to find another job out of state to get away from the paparazzi.

Priced low for people to afford, it's approximately 243 pages in length. Written in third person--romance.

 Dating A Spy Isn't All Fun And Games .99 cents

 By Markee Anderson

Ex-beauty queen contestant Lauren McDonald is thrust into the spy underworld when her boyfriend's job starts to seep into his personal life, making her the conduit for the transfer of information from one enemy to another. Her life can never be the same again when she agrees to marry her boyfriend and become an agent, just to save her life and the United States. But the odds are against her, and those dreams of a peaceful married life go right out the window when she finds out the true mission of the enemy.

Priced low for people to afford, it's approximately 336 pages in length. Written in first person POV--mystery.

Other wonderful works by Markee Anderson:
Saved By The Glass Slipper  .99 cents     All For Aaron .99 cents

 SEAMS16: A New Home  .99 cents Kindle Edition
 by Eric B. Thomasma
Charlie and Susan Samplin make a new home for themselves on the finest repair depot in space. On the Space Equipment Authority's Maintenance Station 16, Charlie discovers that he has a natural talent for the station's favorite pastime, Zeegee, a zero gravity sport. He also finds satisfaction professionally when his skills as a technician are finally allowed to shine. Susan finds life on the station stimulating too, as she makes many new friends, including Station Director Sureenon and his wife, Penny.
But soon, a series of mysterious mishaps occur in seemingly unrelated systems, one of which results in the death of a co-worker.  Charlie suspects the one person he doesn't get along with, but others disagree. The mishaps stop as mysteriously as they started-for a time-but when an old friend comes aboard they begin again, leading to the discovery of a device that can only be alien technology. But who brought it on board and why? Join Charlie and Susan as they work together with new friends and old to solve the mystery and discover
A New Home

We Interrupt This Date .99 cents Kindle Edition

by L. C. Evans
Since her divorce a year ago, Susan Caraway has gone through the motions of life. Now she is finally coming out of her shell. Just when she decides on a makeover and a new career, her family members decide she's crisis central. First there’s her sister DeLorean who has come back from California with a baby, a designer dog, and no prospects for child support or a job. As soon as DeLorean settles in at Susan’s home, Susan’s son Christian returns from college trailing what Susan’s mama refers to as “an androgynous little tart.” Then there’s Mama herself, a southern lady who wrote the book on bossy. A secret from Mama’s past threatens to unravel her own peace. But not before Mama hurts her ankle and has to move into Susan’s home with her babies—two Chihuahuas with attitude. Susan would like to start her new job as a ghost tour operator. She would like to renew her relationship with Jack Maxwell, a man from her past. But Jack isn’t going to stand in line behind her needy family.

The Witness Wore Blood Bay .99 cents Kindle Edition
by L. C. Evans

In Talented Horsewoman, the first book of the Leigh McRae horse mystery series, main character Leigh McRae discovers a body. She also ends up solving a murder. Along the way she helps her cousin Sammi, who is dating a burglar, and she manages to get out from under the control of her overbearing ex-husband.

Now Leigh's friend Candy, a fellow horsewoman, finds herself accused of murder. Who else would she turn to for help except Leigh? After all, everyone in small town Del Canto knows Leigh has body-discovering experience. Never mind that Leigh is busy finding out who's poisoning dogs in Sammi's neighborhood and she's trying to renovate her home without going broke. Or that her ex-husband Kenneth and former ranchhand Doug Reilly have become roommates in Leigh's guest house.

There's a murder to solve. And her friend won't take no for an answer.

Also by L. C. Evans:
Night Camp .99 cents Kindle Edition

The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters.99 cents Kindle Edition
by Barbara Silkstone

A murder by beheading sends Alice Harte, reluctant real estate broker for thugs, running into the arms of Nigel Channing, a charming British con man.

This urban fantasy is set in Miami and London. Fans of Stephanie Plum will cheer for Alice as she watches her back in attempting to keep her head, while being stalked by Nigel's daft ex-wife and inept, but dangerous mobsters. Alice's world is filled with memorable characters strangely reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. She's guided through her dangerous adventure by her own Cheshire Cat.

Nigel, a chubby John Cleese with serious dress-code problems, whisks Alice to England. Alice sees him as her White Rabbit rescuer. The plot trips along at a cracking pace with Alice flinging zingers like a drive-by shooter.

After Alice discovers a gangster's freshly beheaded body in his Miami mansion, she launches a desperate self-defense in a kangaroo court. The main witness against her is Algy Green, a bumbling cockney swindler who super-glues his bat wing ears to his head and commits perjury for theme park tickets. But in the middle of the trial a small piece of evidence opens her eyes.

The Vampire Drabbles: 40 Bites of Fiction (vampire short stories) .99 cents Kindle Edition
by Jason G. Anderson
Edited by Lynn O'Dell

A man reminisces with his soon-to-be ex-wife.
A writer learns inspiration can have unexpected consequences.
A couple learns the dangers of driving in stormy weather.

THE VAMPIRE DRABBLES is a collection of forty 100-word short stories (drabbles) exploring vampire myths from all over the world. From the modern Western vampire of film and TV to the shape-shifting Priculics of Romania to the giant bird-like Impundulu of South Africa, these stories will amuse and horrify you.

It's not safe to go out after dark...
Now Rita’s in the biggest trouble of her life. She’s being stalked, threatened, and nearly kidnapped by shadow people. And the Regime isn’t the only danger: they also control countless humans around the world, some of which are much closer to Rita than she thinks. There’s nowhere to turn.
If Rita can’t learn the Shadow Regime’s reason for their war on teens—and her—she might not make it through her first week of high school.

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